Meet 2013’s Diamond Dog™ Eating Contestants

City Pages presents
The Depot’s Fourth Annual Diamond Dog™ Eating Contest
Thursday, July 4, 2013 at 2:00pm
Hosted by Ian Rans

Isabel Johnson


  • 19 years old
  • Studies environmental science at upstate New York college
  • Runs track and cross country
  • Member of improv troop
  • Enjoys traveling the world, scuba diving, coloring cartoons
  • Has taken part in multiple eating challenges but never for money, only for the wonder-full experience
  • Eating challenge history includes: whole jar peanut butter sandwich, Ben & Jerry’s Vermonster, Pizza 2 Mile, and others
  • “Now, did someone say Diamond Dogs?”

Graham Kist


  • Originally from Eden Prairie, MN
  • Started eating big when he was inspired by Adam Richman’s Man v. Food
  • After eating a 72oz steak in under an hour, has taken down giant burgers, multiple burritos, and desserts the size of his head
  • With an appetite as endless as his drive to win, he is here to eat.

James Laurie


  • 32 years old | 6’7” 200lbs
  • Strong appetite, even stronger will, and abject lack of shame
  • Former indie rap celebriteen and B-list internet troll, 2012 victor of the internet
  • Longstanding (from the womb) passion for the consumption of meats of all varieties
  • Competitive streak far beyond anything anyone could consider healthy
  • “This ain’t a game to me, it’s hall of fame to me.”

Jack Nielsen


  • 27.75 years old
  • First Ave Member
  • Vegetarian putting ethics and digestive well-being on hold for a chance at glory and amazing First Ave prizes
  • Leaves for 80/35 Festival in Des Moines shortly after the contest
  • 80/35 road-trip car-mates are not pleased that he’s been entered in this eating contest

Tessa Rose Scherbel


  • 23 years old | 5’3″ 115lbs
  • Has the appetite of a 30 year old 6’3″ 350lb man 🙂
  • Outstanding ability to (eat) twice her body weight
  • Believe it or not this girl can eat, especially when it comes to hot dogs.
  • “Yes, I’m up for the challenge…”

Ross Seiffert


33 years old | Oakdale, MN | 10 years of competitive eating experience:

  • 34 hard shell tacos in 60 min
  • 22 deep fried tacos in 60 min
  • 12 burgers & buns in 10 min
  • 13 hotdogs & buns in 10 min
  • 6.5 lb breakfast pizza in 60 min
  • 10 burgers/12 cheese slices/16 bacon strips/1lb of tater tots/1lb hashbrowns in 45 min
  • 2lbs of spaghetti/sauce/4 meatballs in 35 seconds
  • Captain of the 48 inch pizza 9-man team eaten in 30 min

Come see these gladiators compete for Diamond Dog™ dominance on Thursday, July 4 at The Depot. Host Ian Rans will kick off the event at 2:00PM, so come by to cheer on your favorite eater and celebrate the independence to wrap fried bacon around hot dogs.

This year’s judges:
Leif Brostrom, Chris Cloud, Reed Fischer, Kyle Matteson, Mark Mallman, Jason Nagel

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