Diamond Dog™ Eating Contest 2014: Meet The Competitors

City Pages presents
The Depot’s Fifth Annual
Diamond Dog™ Eating Contest
Friday, July 4, 2014 | Noon gathering at The Depot Tavern
Hosted by Mark Mallman

Nate Brennan (26)
Nate Brennan is a person who writes things for a living. He owns a dog. He eats two to three times per day, so he should really be in his element here.
Alex Gaterud (24)
I worked at First Avenue full-time for about a year and a half. I ate probably two or three Diamond Dogs™ a week, leading me to believe I’ve eaten more of them than any human alive. I’m going to compress all those calories into 10 minutes. Yee-haw!

Sean Jameson (24)
I live in Minneapolis and work for Securian financial in St. Paul. I moved back to Minnesota after graduating from Brown university to help fight the marriage amendment. I’m starting law school at NYU this fall.

Austin Lutz (31)
Been a Minnesota resident forever – love all the crazy seasons! I’m a teacher at a local college so I’ll be updating my CV as soon as I finish this up, maybe HR will give me a raise!

Craig Reed (32)
Since the dawn of time, there has been food. Since the dawn of Craig Reed, there has been Craig Reed. Finally, the two meet face to face in a battle of epic proportions. I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.

Tyler Roepke (26)
Born and raised in the Twin Cities area, originally from Chanhassen. I work in IT support and at a liquor store. I am a rookie on the competitive eating circuit but my friends are always impressed with the amount of food that I can take down.