Meet Your 2011 Diamond Dog Eating Contestants

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet your 2011 Diamond Dog Eating Contest competitors. These brave four (in addition to two contestants reppin’ City Pages and MPLS.TV) will have a showdown in The Depot on Monday, July 4th to see who can eat the most Diamond Dogs in 10 minutes.

Charles Fan
Age 30
About Charles:
-Posted fastest Slurpee-drinking time in Melbourne, Australia Speed Slurping Competition
-New York Rangers fan
-Has traveled to 6 continents

Eric Dahl
Age: 20
About Eric:
-Nickname is “Silo”
-There is a burger challenge in Duluth, MN named “The Eric Dahl Burger Challenge”
-Finished a 6lb Breakfast Burrito in 4:23
-Dickey’s Pulled Pork Sandwich eating champion of MN(9 7oz Sandwiches in 6 minutes)
-Avid fitness enthusiast

Halley Georgeson
About Halley:
-Will become a wild creature if put in water after midnight
-Has a penchant for literary wordplay and beer

Pat O’Brien
Age: 29 or thereabouts
-Music writer
-Junk food connoisseur
-Taco Bell over Murray’s
-I have been known to eat irresponsibly large amounts of food on a regular basis–the rest of these contestants are in a lot of trouble

Judges for the event will be:
Maggie Morrison
David Campbell
Hannah Champagne
Jay Gabler

Some excellent talent, right? Who do you think is taking home the title this year? Also, the contestants aren’t the only ones that could walk away as winners. We’ll be doing giveaways throughout the day for First Avenue tickets and gift cards. Competition begins at 2:00pm